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My Story

Hi, my name is Suji.

I started homeschooling in 2006 when my kiddo was exhibiting unusual learning needs. I stumbled and blundered like every new homeschooler but I knew that I could do much better by my child than other school options in our neighborhood.


By trial and error and lots of late night research, I realized that my child learned best when there was the right mix of humor and high level content. I learned to look past age and traditional content standards and my own fixed notions about learning. I learned to listen to my child.

Love of Learning.

My primary goal was to keep love of learning strong and for that reason, I used everything from living books and online providers to subject-specialist mentors and college classes. It was so important to me that I was addressing the needs of the whole child.

Asynchronous Development.

All the while, I used a lot of scaffolding and customization for my uneven kid. It was challenging but I knew we could not be the only ones facing this. I found a calling then for building community.

Over the years, I founded and/or moderated several regional and national homeschool support groups, one of which is focused on supporting the needs of highly non-traditional learners. Friends and families would approach me whether they were struggling and overwhelmed or not confident about best resources to use.

This became the basis for my homeschool and college counseling endeavor.

The Homeschoolist is Born.

Since then, my clients and I have navigated structured homeschooling, deschooling, unschooling, eclectic homeschooling, radical acceleration and early college, delaying high school, as well as community college and University of CA dual enrollment, plus taking the CHSPE exam and fulfilling IGETC general education requirements. All this of course in addition to applying to colleges as lifelong or part-of-the-way homeschoolers.

As the mother of a child who took a non-traditional path to college I know what it is like to need personalized, thoughtful support and I work hard to give my clients that.

Certifications: I am currently enrolled in the UC San Diego Extension College Counseling program.

Speaking engagements include:



If you have questions or concerns please always let me know. I can chat with you by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

I Am An LGBTQ Ally.

I am very proud to be an ally to all students who are gender and identity non-conforming. Let me know how I can make the college search process more welcoming for you.

Animal Lover?

Let me know and I will donate 10% of net profits from your package to an animal shelter of your choice.

More About Me.

The Best Fit

I work hard to give you the best that I can. Relationships take time to develop and I always recommend a quick chat before presenting you with an appropriate package.

Once we have a verbal agreement, I will send you a written one so that you are always aware of terms and conditions.

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