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Guidance From Grade School to Graduation.

Hello, I’m Suji, The Homeschoolist.

I work with parents of children of all ages with a niche in counseling the highly gifted. I work with you to create amazing curriculum plans for your student: from young bright sparks and square-peg tweens to college-ready teens, and early-college aspirants. I have graduated my own homeschooler and provide highly personalized college counseling for homeschooling families.

My hourly rates start at $95. Services include:


Curriculum Help

Coaching parents for lesson planning, acceleration, and compacting.


Fine Tuning

Tweaking plans for out-of-the box or asynchronous learners.

Creativity Check

Get a check-up for inspiration and to see if your learner is on track.

College Counsel

College lists, essay guidance, college applications, and transcript/GPA.

Gifted Programs

Helping parents complete the Davidson Young Scholars application.

Online School

Applying to Stanford Online High School, Davidson Academy, and/or others.


Presenting/speaking at conferences and workshops. Parent groups in SF Bay Area.

Summer Camps

Shortlisting camps and helping with competitive applications.

Transcript Formatting Help.

Is your homeschooler applying to college? I design and format stand-out transcripts, course descriptions, and school profiles, and will throw in a professionally designed school logo on request. Please visit my Etsy Store to order. Questions? Reach out!

Happy Clients

“I purchased this [Suji’s formatting] service for my homeschooling course descriptions. The personalized design I received was very professional. The communication is clear and detailed. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to improve the presentation of a document.”

C. Y.

“Dear Suji, you are a warm person and have an ability to make people instantly at ease when they talk to you. You are resourceful when it comes to identifying learning opportunities and educational options, and are always ready to share your experience and wisdom. I am very glad to have met you on our journey of seeking much needed challenge to stimulate my son’s intellectual growth and development.”

A. O.

“Suji has been a patient sounding board, responsive and kind, when I have agonized over how to best meet my child’s educational needs. She has brought objectivity, sensitivity, and consistent encouragement when dealing with our particular challenges.”

L. T.

“Suji is an exceptionally warm and compassionate professional who is extensively knowledgeable about the many paths that can be taken to a successful and fulfilling educational experience, not only during the school years, but beyond when the time comes for your student to apply for the next phase in life and college admissions. She is a careful listener that tunes into the needs, passions, and skills of the student to help them customize a path that involves them in the process, engages and informs them, and helps them navigate a path that uniquely fits their individual aspirations and circumstances. Her manner puts both student and parents at ease and provides parents relief during a time that can be stressful and uncertain. I would highly recommend her to everyone looking for some guidance in this area, no matter how small or large. I’ve also used her planner and transcript sheets and I have been able to feel confident about how the needed information was presented to various outside parties for my homeschooler.”

V. F.

How Much Will It Cost?

You are always in charge of your investment with The Homeschoolist. When we start our partnership, you will have access to a timesheet that will clearly spell out how much time you have left. That time is yours to use for as long as it remains in your account. See sample stories below for an example of how many hours I recommend.




Quick-Start Resources

Brief Creativity Check-Ins

3+ hours




Research & Planning

College Consulting

Counselor Documents

Essay Guidance (Extra)

10+ hours




Research & Planning

Choice of Curriculum Plan for 2 Years OR Summer Camp Application OR Private School Application

5+ hours


How We’ll Use Your Time…

8-12 Hours:

Sarah is an accelerated 15-year-old who wants time in her schedule to pursue her love for the sciences. She is applying to competitive summer camps and needs help brainstorming a list. Her parents have already started compiling her transcript and think she will apply to college a year earlier than usual.

For such clients, I usually suggest starting with at least 8-10 hours for summer camp shortlisting and application guidance, planning her last two years of high school towards selective college admissions, extracurricular resume compilation, and transcript and course description guidance. I recommend a minimum 10-12 hours if Sarah also needs college essay guidance.

3-4 Hours:

The Fishers have just pulled 7-year-old Michaela out of school for a few months of deschooling. She loves learning so they want some help to keep her mind happy. They want literature-based lessons as well as monthly check-ins with someone experienced.

Until they are certain that they want to keep homeschooling, I will suggest a 3 or 4-hour package to determine goals and create a short starter list of resources for Michaela. Their leftover time will go towards brief check-ins over the next 2 or 3 months.

5-7 Hours:

14-year-old Sam wants to open his own cafe someday. He can whip up a mean stir-fry and adores literature and science but only wants minimal math and history. Sam’s mom needs a high school plan for 9th and 10th grade that will give Sam time to pursue his passions while keeping doors open to both freshman and transfer applications.

For such clients, I usually recommend starting with at least 5 hours to help get a teen’s high school goals on track.

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